Staff, Lecturers and PhD Students

The SIT Research Group is located at the 6th floor of the Fraunhofer SIT Building (Rheinstr. 75).

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RoomPhone                           Email
Prof. Dr. Michael Waidner (Chair, Security in IT)B6.01+49 6151 869-250email
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Steinebach (Lead Media Sec. & Forensics)A2.17+49 6151 869-349email
Dr. Haya Shulman (Lead Cybersecurity)B6.10+49 6151 869-505email
Birgit Blume (Assistant, Fraunhofer SIT)B6.02+49 6151 869-282email
Ian Bierlich (Sys Admin)A0.18+49 6151 869-352email
Oren AspirB6email
Waldemar BerchtoldA2.16+49 6151 869-287email
Markus BrandtB6.14+49 6151 869-307email
Ranim ChakraB6.16+49 6151 869-519email
Tianxiang DaiB6.11+49 6151 869-180email
Andreas FuchsB4.10+49 6151 869-228email
Chen GiratB6email
Oren HalvaniA2.05+49 6151 869-211email
Philipp JeitnerB6.17+49 6151 869-394email
Amit KleinB6email
Dr. Michael Kreutzer (Lecturer)B6.07+49 6151 869-348email
Sebastian MauthoferA1.13+49 6151 869-266email
Andreas PollerB4.17+49 6151 869-170email
Carsten SchmidtB6.12+49 6151 869-518email
Daniel SenfB6.11+49 6151 869-383email
Kris ShrishakB6.14+49 6151 869-513email
Hervais-Clemence Simo FhomB6.15+49 6151 869-172email
Markus SpringerB4.13+49 6151 869-179email
Nikhil TripathiB6.17+49 6151 869-276email
York YannikosA2.03+49 6151 869-308email
External PhD Students
Ricardo Hormann (Volkswagen AG)
Sebastian Paul (Robert Bosch GmbH)
Former PhD Students

Prof. Dr. N. Asokan (1998, IBM Research/Univ. of Waterloo)
Dr. Norbert Bißmeyer (2014, Fraunhofer SIT/TU Darmstadt)
Dr. Dieter Sommer (2014, IBM Research/TU Darmstadt)
Dr. Alexandra Dmitrienko (2015, Fraunhofer SIT/TU Darmstadt)
Dr. Marcel Schäfer (2016, Fraunhofer SIT/TU Darmstadt)
Dr. Marco Ghiglieri (2017, TU Darmstadt)
Dr. Sören Bleikertz (2017, IBM Research/TU Darmstadt)
Dr. Sascha Zmudzinski (2017, Fraunhofer SIT/TU Darmstadt)
Dr. Kai Samelin (2018, IBM Research/TU Darmstadt)